About Callinan, LLC


Latest: SILC 2016 at University of Pittsburgh at Bradford – Tech Business 101 class

My name is Jeremy Callinan – (http://www.jcallinan.com). CallinanLLC.com was a domain name I had that was just doing nothing , so I figured it was a good spot for storing extra materials online. I am a programmer / designer / developer, and a serial entrepreneur. This site is a space for all of the materials and resources I’ve made or used in teaching project management, programming, and other classes. I wanted to make everything I use available online for free for anyone to use.

I really enjoy working on new business ideas and product development. I like assisting with and enhancing current ones. Business should use IT to give them an edge in performance, not just as a place to store backups.

I’ve taught short term (2-3 day, 2-3 week) and full semester classes. I’ve taught video game programming to pre-teens, and project management to management in large factories, so there is a wide variety of content here.  There is also some materials, resources and information I’ve gathered in my experience consulting and contracting for companies.

If you are interested in contacting me, I may be interested in hearing from you, at least via email (jeremy.callinan@gmail.com). I possess a very unique combination of skill sets – I have started and managed businesses, I have built infrastructure and teams.

I have created sites, apps, and programmed them all. I have done IT support, and IT system design based on constraints and performance needs. I have designed kitchens and menus  (queso, burritos, and mixed drinks too), t-shirts, coffe mugs, artwork for album covers and websites. I’ve designed websites, and apps and back-end software for integrating systems, for e-commerce and other kinds of data transfer.

I’ve taught high school and younger, but mostly college – and continuing education classes, from 1-2 days at your company on a specific item (like Microsoft Access or Excel, AutoCAD or Microsoft Project, or just Project Management in general, one of my favorites) – to full semester courses, at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, as part of the CIST program.

I am not a business management or business development consultant – I am, however helpful in :

  1. teaching how to manage projects
  2. teaching how to use software
  3. programming what is too hard to do any other way (and knowing when to use free software, open source software, or purchasing software)

I believe those 3 things are more useful than any kind of consulting, and can save you a lot of money. If you were to contact me to help you in business development, programming, IT in general, etc, I would give you honest, correct, up to the minute responses that are researched and double-checked.

PS The pictures are from various trips I’ve been on.